ACC Requests

ACC stands for Architectural Control Committee. 
A good rule of thumb for whether or not HOA approval is necessary for changes to your home/yard is, if something just needs replacing or repairing with whatever was there previously, there is no need for HOA approval.  If you are doing something different (colors, materials, layout, etc.) you will need to fill out an ACC request form.  This one page form can located below.  Fill the form out & email it back to us, along with a copy of your plat (or survey) and any sample drawings or photos that you think the committee may need to get a visual on what you are planning to do.  Once Ascension Property Management receives the information, they will enter it into the system for the committee to review.  They will send the homeowner automated emails as to the status of the project.  Each new project will need a separate ACC Form.  Please contact APM if you have any further questions or need more clarification.