ACC Requests

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Outside Storage Buildings/Sheds
1. ACC approval is required for all outside storage buildings (including sheds).  All outside storage buildings must meet the following specifications. 
2. Size no greater than (8) feet wide by (12) feet long.
3. No part of shed to exceed peak height of 8ft.
4. Must be made out of materials that are harmonious with the primary residence, (i.e.-painted the same color as the house, shingles to match the house, etc.)
Location of building must not be located within setback lines as indicated on the recorded plat.  (In no instance may shed be located closer than 5ft. from any lot line or fence.)
5. Building must be located in an area not visible from the street adjacent to the lot.
6. In the event a question arises as to whether a building or proposed building constitutes a storage building, the determination of the Board shall be final and binding.