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Sonoma has many opportunities to get involved in your HOA. Sonoma has a Board of Directors comprised of five elected members of the association who serve two year terms. At the annual meeting in August, the community elects candidates to empty board seat positions. There are also several committees in Sonoma HOA to get involved with. All board and committee members are volunteers from the community. 
Your Current Board of Directors: 
President: Jennifer Smith 
Vice President: Paul LaPota
Secretary: Donna Kohn
Treasurer: James Schmitt
Member at Large: VACANT
Architectural Control Committee- 
This committee assists will reviewing projects submitted to assess if they follow Sonoma's Architectural Guidelines to keep the neighborhood looking great. 
Finance Committee- 
The finance committee reviews monthly financials and assists in planning and proposing an annual budget. 
Social Committee- 
*No members currently.
The social committee helps plan and put on events for the neighborhood to enjoy. 
Neighborhood Watch Committee- 
*No members currently.
Block captains needed. 
Please email if you would like more information or would like to get involved on a committee. 

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Please contact if you would like to add an event or get involved in the Social Committee! 


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About Sonoma HOA

The Sonoma Home Owners Association (HOA) exists for two primary purposes:
  1. to manage the common areas and
  2. to enforce the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s) – as per the legal documents that created the HOA. 
Every homeowner receives a copy of the documents when they purchase a home in Sonoma, usually at closing. You can find these governing documents here
The Sonoma Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation. The basic purpose of the Association is to govern Sonoma in accordance with the governing documents.

The Association is governed by a five-person Board of Directors elected by the members of the Association. The Board of Directors of the Association has the power and duty to administer the affairs of the Association in accordance with the governing documents. The Board is also responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of Sonoma. 

The Board has a management agreement with a property management company. The Property Manager is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Board, assisting in administering the affairs of the Association, and the overall operation and maintenance of Sonoma. The Association currently has a management contract with Ascension Property Management.  They can be reached at 512-255-1671 or at Their website is
No. Any person who becomes an owner in Sonoma is automatically a member of the Association. Membership is mandatory. It ceases when the person ceases to own property in Sonoma. Every member is subject to the requirements of the governing documents. You can find more information about your governing documents on the homepage of the website. 
There will be at least one meeting of the association annually in August as specified in the by-laws or as established by the board of directors. However, special meetings of the association may be called by the board of directors of the association or upon the presentation of a petition signed by at least 67% of the owners. Notice of meetings shall be given to the owners. The board meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month. You can find more information about meetings on the homepage of the website. If you have a concern or appeal, you may arrange a meeting with the board by contacting Ascension Property Management.
Sonoma HOA dues are due every first of January and July in the amount of $275 per six month period. You can find more information about dues on the homepage of the website. 

Sonoma Property Map

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